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Sedation: The Patient Journey

Sedation: The Patient Journey Sedation is a continuum that ranges from a state of full awareness to complete anaesthesia. It is a medication induced state, where we never know how a certain patient will respond. Professionals need to be skilled enough to: identify patients that are suitable for sedation, choose the right medication and monitoring […]

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Assessing the Level of Consciousness in Sedated Patients

Assessing the Level of Consciousness in Sedated Patients A number of scales are available for the assessment of the level of consciousness in patients undergoing procedural sedation. However, these do not accurately reflect the spectrum of depth of sedation observed in clinical practice. To address these problems we have developed a novel tool entitled Alertness […]

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Capnography Outside The Operating Room

Capnography Outside The Operating Room Capnography has been part of standard monitoring when patients are under general anaesthetic in the operating room and has been mostly used by anaesthetists. But outside that environment, where anaesthetists don’t go often and nurses are usually in charge of administering drugs that affect consciousness and breathing, capnography hasn’t been used […]

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An Easy Mnemonic For Airway Assessment

If you are a professional caring for patient under sedation, you understand the challenge of making sure your patient is safe, and you’re able to prevent complications and act in case these occur. The airway is one of the most important aspects in sedation practice. How do you assess your patients’ airway? The truth is […]

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Have you heard about Capnography?

Have you heard about capnography? This is an important part of what we teach in the Safe Sedation Course. Most nurses are not aware of the importance of capnography. In the video below I explain a few simple steps to help you interpret a capnography trace. To learn more, join one of our training days. […]

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What are my responsibilities as a nurse caring for patients receiving sedation?

As a nurse, I care for patients under sedation. What are my responsibilities? As a nurse, you may be working in several departments where patients receive sedation: theatres, cath lab, endoscopy, radiology, ED, intensive care, dentistry, fertility, amongst others. You may be the one administering sedation or just the one monitoring the patient. So what […]

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