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Sedation: The Patient Journey

Sedation: The Patient Journey

Sedation is a continuum that ranges from a state of full awareness to complete anaesthesia. It is a medication induced state, where we never know how a certain patient will respond.

Professionals need to be skilled enough to:

  • identify patients that are suitable for sedation,
  • choose the right medication and monitoring devices,
  • interpret those readings,
  • anticipate any complications,
  • intervene should these occur
  • and bring the patient back to a state of full awareness after the intervention.

SedateUK’s framework for the patient journey is called SedateMe. It’s an easy mnemonic that gives you guidance on each step of the way. Check out the poster below, download it and have it in your clinical areas as a reminder of the patient journey.

Sedated Patient Pathway Sedated Patient Pathway

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