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Have you heard about Capnography?

Have you heard about capnography? This is an important part of what we teach in the Safe Sedation Course. Most nurses are not aware of the importance of capnography. In the video below I explain a few simple steps to help you interpret a capnography trace. To learn more, join one of our training days. […]

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What are my responsibilities as a nurse caring for patients receiving sedation?

As a nurse, I care for patients under sedation. What are my responsibilities? As a nurse, you may be working in several departments where patients receive sedation: theatres, cath lab, endoscopy, radiology, ED, intensive care, dentistry, fertility, amongst others. You may be the one administering sedation or just the one monitoring the patient. So what […]

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Exciting adventures for 2018!

SedateUK and Medtronic are collaborating to provide two safe sedation courses in 2018. Both companies understand the need for more training and education in sedation and the important role capnography plays in keeping patients safe! If you care for patients receiving sedation, don’t miss the opportunity and do get in touch! We’d love to have […]

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